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Translation agency for FinTech companies

Financieel vertaalbureau Fiducia

The term FinTech, an abbreviation for financial technology, refers to a collection of new technologies aimed at modernising a wide range of financial services and making them more accessible. These new technologies sometimes focus on very specific solutions for sub-processes, but in many cases the technological innovation is so major that an entirely new product or a new form of service has arisen. The companies involved in these technologies are often fast-growing, young firms that compete in the financial industry with the large, wealthy companies that have traditionally dominated the financial sector. The strength of these young companies often lies in the scalable and state-of-the-art technology forming the core of an agile organisation. This scalability enables FinTech companies to grow at an unprecedented rate, especially if they’re assisted in this process by a professional financial translation agency.

The importance of professional translation for FinTech companies

The challenge for any new and successful business idea is to capture a significant market share as quickly as possible. Great ideas are quickly copied. It is therefore often only a matter of time before a competitor enters the same market with a similar product. It is therefore important to continue developing the technology and inspire as many users as possible, as quickly as possible. This is exactly where a good financial translation agency can make a contribution. By making the technology and supporting communication accessible to an international audience, markets around the world are opened up.

Growth through availability in multiple languages

It is still often underestimated, but that does not make it any less true. To gain people’s trust, it is important to speak their language. Although a large proportion of the world’s population speaks English, it is wrong to think that all of these people can be reached in English. Has your FinTech company developed the fastest, most affordable, most cost-effective and most customer-oriented solution for the financial world? Then make sure that you get your message across in your target group’s language. In the Netherlands you do this in Dutch, in Germany in German and in France in French. By addressing your potential customers in their own language, they will trust you more, understand you better, and choose your product or service more quickly.

Translations for FinTech

To achieve this, you need a partner that is compatible. Your financial translation agency works with the latest technology in order to keep up with you. This means access to solutions for, among others:

  • consistent terminology via all channels
  • maximum re-use of previously translated texts
  • an effective workflow, from request to delivery
  • centralised invoicing and accounting
  • information security

And, of course, your financial translation agency has the ability to grow with you into all the countries, and therefore languages, on your roadmap. Want to know more? We’re happy to help.


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