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Translations for civil-law notaries

Civil-law notaries are significant purveyors of specialised legal translations and with good reason. They need specialists because the content of their documents is often complex. This requires specific expertise of the legal field and the terminology. Think, for example, of the many different legal instruments, including deeds of incorporation/formation, deeds amending the articles of association, deeds of transfer and delivery of shares, deeds of mergers and/or acquisitions, but also last wills and testaments. It is therefore vitally important to use the services of legal translators with extensive experience for an accurate translation of such documents.

Deeds of incorporation/formation

A deed of incorporation or formation is required when a foundation or association is formed or a private limited company is incorporated. The exact translation of every single detail is key in translating articles of association. Articles of association specify the rights, obligations and powers within an organisation. If an organisation has plans to operate across borders or wants to apply for a grant from an international body, a translation of its deed of incorporation/formation will be required. Do you require a translation of a deed of incorporation/formation? We highly recommend you use the services of a legal translation company that has in-house specialised legal translators who are familiar with the substance of such important documents.

Deeds amending the articles of association

A legal entity’s articles of association contain important provisions that must be recorded in writing. Articles of association provide how managing and supervisory directors are appointed, what the powers of the different positions within a legal entity are, but also how the shares are issued and transferred. If articles of association are amended, you, the civil-law notary, will draw up a deed amending the articles of association. If a legal entity is keen to operate in international markets, its articles of association and the amendments to them will need to be translated. Foreign institutions will read the articles of associations and their amendments to assess the legal entity. It is therefore essential to use correct legal terminology. In many cases the deeds amending the articles of association must, moroever, be certified to confirm that the translation is an accurate reflection of the original deed. A specialised legal translation company can help you because that company has professional translators with demonstrable legal experience and the authority to certify translations.

Deeds of transfer and delivery of shares

A deed of the transfer of shares is often required for a merger or demerger of a company. As a civil-law notary, you draw up a notarial deed to check the transfer of shares. You check, for example, whether the resolution to sell the shares is legally valid, whether it is in line with the requirements of the articles of association, and also whether the person who wants to sell the shares is in fact the shareholder. Such documents must be translated if the transfer is an international transaction. This requires specialised knowledge of both the legal jargon in the source text and the terminology in the target text as differences in interpretation can have significant adverse consequences.

Deeds of merger and/or acquisition

Notarial deeds must be drawn up in the event of a share merger, corporate merger, legal merger or acquisition. It is, after all, important to lay down important ground rules for both parties. These documents must be translated if international parties are involved or deeds must be submitted to foreign bodies. Here too, acccuracy and a proper grasp of the terminology are essential. A specialised legal translation company can help you with the accurate translation of deeds of merger and/or acquisition. Such a company understands the importance of an exacting translation.

Last wills and testaments

Last wills and testaments contain important decisions about a person’s property. They specify who the heirs and legatees are and, if minors are involved, who will take care of them. Sensitive information that requires an exacting formulation. If persons from different countries are involved, a last will and testament must often be translated. Legal translators can provide you with a meticulous translation and, where necessary, certify the translation for you. They have, after all, demonstrable and considerable experience with the translation of legal documents such as last wills and testaments.

Why choose a specialised legal translation company?

Using the services of a specialised legal translation company is strongly recommended. Legal Translation Company Fiducia can help you with the translation of all legal documents. Whether they are deeds, such as a deed of incorporation/formation or a deed amending the articles of association, or a last will and testament, we have experienced specialists with demonstrable experience who can help you. Translation Company Fiducia believes that extensive experience and in-depth legal knowledge are basic requirements for a proper understanding of complex source texts. Specialised translators have the knowledge and understanding of the terminology that is required for an accurate translation. They know which term to use in which context. At Legal Translation Company Fiducia we provide high-quality translations of your notarial documents and we make sure that you don’t have anything to worry about on that front. We not only guarantee professional translations, but also the following:

  • we use a secure portal that protects the confidentiality of your documents; our portal provides a clear overview of all the translation assignments that we have done for you;
  • we work with dedicated project managers who are easy to communicate with and expert in accommodating your needs and wishes;
  • we use advanced and modern tools to provide you with consistent, swift and confidential services.

Would you like to know more about the experience we have as a legal translation company? Or would you like to know how we can be of service to you? Please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to inform you how Legal Translation Company Fiducia can provide you with the legal translations you need. Would you like to know more about why you should opt for a specialised legal translation company such as Fiducia? Please have a look at our page where we are pleased to explain this in more detail.


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