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Essential for financial institutions: a specialised translation agency

Translations, legislation and regulations

With many financial institutions expanding abroad, it is no surprise that the demand for professional translation services within banks, insurance companies and pension funds is increasing. Certainly not when we think of all the legislation and regulations that the institutions will then have to deal with. This often requires translations of all kinds of official documents. Possibly also sworn translations or translations with an apostille. Above all, you want to be relieved of all hassle. For a financial translation agency, such translations in the field of compliance are daily work.

Translations and marketing & communication

It may be a requirement that the content on the website or in the portal is available to the customers of the financial institution in the language spoken in the target market. Translating this content is a good idea anyway. Research shows that customers have more confidence in companies and institutions if the information provided is in their mother tongue. It is also important that marketing campaigns and communication materials convey the message accurately and effectively to both existing and new clients in the target market. Bad or inaccurate translations can cost an institution dearly. A translation error in a campaign can seriously damage your brand image.

Financial translations and terminology

You want your translation to be accurate. Not only from a linguistic point of view, but also in terms of terminology. At a specialised translation agency, specialist translators work on your translation. A specialist translator recognises the terminology and knows which reference material to use. In addition, they have an understanding of the subject and knowledge of the sector, for example because they’ve worked in the sector and/or are a finance graduate. Translations for financial institutions cover a broad field. There are also specialisations within this sector. Whether it is a pension text, a financial overview or investment information, you choose a specialist for the best translation product. Only through specialisation can the highest quality standards be maintained.


You’ve prepared your documents or content with great care. Surely, you demand the same from the agency that does the translation? That they are knowledgeable, attentive and meticulous in their translation and ensure that your message comes across perfectly? Choosing a specialist translation agency is the best step.

Benefits of a professional partner

When you choose a professional partner for your financial translations, you can rely not only on their expertise, but also on:

  • fast response times;
  • an optimal workflow, from request to delivery of the translation;
  • adequate security for your documents, thanks to a designated portal where you can upload your documents;
  • pleasant, professional staff that can be reached from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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