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Full-suite legal translation agency

As a legal translation agency, Fiducia can also manage other certified, sworn or apostille documents. Some examples include the translation of business registrations, shareholders agreements, copyright and patents.

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At Fiducia, we are committed to ensuring that our clients can seamlessly expand or transition their company and businesses to other legal environments, while protecting their business, clients, employees, intellectual property, and business potential.

Legal translation agency Fiducia can provide you and your organisation with the accurate and comprehensive translation of a full suite of business documents, to protect and safeguard your interests when starting or expanding your activities into a new legal environment.

Legal translation services

Our specialist translators can provide you with the comprehensive legal translations of all client-facing documents, such as business contracts, non-circumvention agreements and Terms & Conditions. Translating legal documents is their day-to-day business, so you can be assured of the quality you require.

We can also assist you with the legal translations of internal documents needed to ensure the safe and legally protected running of your business. These include patents, employment agreements and employee handbooks.

As a legal translation agency, Fiducia can also manage other certified, sworn or apostille documents. Some examples include the translation of business registrations, shareholders agreements, copyright and patents, etc.

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Why choose Fiducia as your legal translation agency?

When you choose Fiducia, you will receive more than just first-rate legal translation services – you also experience our commitment to excellence, which is embedded in our code:

  • Quality is in the fabric of our work, the people we hire, and the demeanour in which we serve.
  • Integrity dictates how we work, how we serve, and how we operate in general.
  • Effective legal translations are the only kind of translations we provide.
  • Speed! We know that yesterday is too late…

Business contract translation services

Business contracts outline the scope and terms of the services your company provides to your clients. Contracts come in many shapes and sizes, but they should at the very least cover the scope of work, a timeframe and an agreed fee or pricing arrangement. Contracts are legally binding, and they govern and potentially enforce the business relationship between two parties. It is therefore crucial that contract translations are precise, all-encompassing and unambiguous. Contract translations not only need to be correct, but also need to capture the legal intent and enforceability of the agreement.

Terms & Conditions and Privacy Statements

Terms & Conditions and Privacy Statements form part of binding legal agreements between a company and their clients, so it is crucial that these documents are all-encompassing, clear, and non-disputable. Having accurate and precise translations of these important documents reduces risk and protects you from potential future litigation.

IP translations

Intellectual Property refers to any number of the mind’s creations, ranging from patented inventions to images used in commerce. It comes as no surprise then, that the legal documents protecting this intellectual property need to be translated with critical accuracy into the parent language of each relevant country to prevent potentially devastating legal problems or misunderstandings.

Sworn translations

Depending on your needs, you may require a sworn translation, certified translation or an apostille translation. For official and government use, these guarantee the authenticity of the original document, as well as the accuracy of the translation.

Fiducia's promise

  • Specialists with specialist knowledge
  • Effective, fast and reliable
  • Specialised native speakers

Sworn translation?

In case you need a sworn translation, you can also order it directly from our web shop Sworn Translation Agency. After we receive your order, our sworn translators will start working for you right away.

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