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IP translations

Intellectual Property or “IP” covers anything that is invented, created or developed by your organisation. IP is not only about copyrights, patents, trademarks or trade secrets, but also about particular techniques or methods, or calculation models (for example), which are uniquely yours. They are considered the intangible assets of your company that make it special and that you are particularly proud of. It is therefore important that your IP is protected, as it is your IP that gives you a competitive edge in business.

Your IP is protected by statements that set out how and under what conditions your clients are allowed to use and reproduce the IP you provided and/or created for them. These statements are often part of your Terms and Conditions and accompany your business contracts. However, if your IP is extensive and (most importantly) valuable, a separate document that specifies in detail what your clients are and are not allowed to do with it, may be required.

Just like your Terms & Conditions, your IP should be enforceable within the legal environment they are applied under. The correct translation and adaptation of these statements is vitally important, as is the translation of registered patents, copyrights and trademarks.

Fiducia is particularly well-placed to provide you with patent translation services. Not only are we well-versed in the accurate and concise translation of the actual patent, but we also make sure that the translated documents will be accepted by the local courts, should your IP rights need to be legally enforced.


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