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Terms & Conditions and Privacy Statements

Although often dismissed as the ‘the fine print’, Terms & Conditions and Privacy Statements provide the backbone for contractual agreements between a company and their clients. They govern the legal framework within which a company provides its services and deliverables to their clients. Once agreed to, your Terms & Conditions and Privacy Statement typically won’t see the light of day. But if someone becomes disgruntled with your product or services, then all-of-a-sudden they become essential reading for all parties involved. Therefore, the more comprehensive, precise, and unambiguous these documents are, the better prepared you will be for any potentially messy situations.

While generic in nature, your legal documents should be tailored to the specific services of your organisation. For example, a car rental company’s Terms & Conditions will look quite different from those of a social media company. Many small businesses underestimate the significance of well-prepared Terms & Conditions and Pricacy Statements, resulting in problems down the road.

As your business migrates to new territories, your legal documents need to move with you. They need to be carefully translated so they do not lose their all-important legal accuracy. They also may need to be adapted to suit different legal environments.It is therefore plain to see the importance of having these documents reliably translated by professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in both commercial and legal landscapes.

Legal translation agency Fiducia’s carefully selected translators bring with them the necessary education, experience, and tools to ensure that your legal documents are not only professionally translated, but also remain relevant and appropriate for the business environment in which they will be applied.


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