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Facilicom is one of the largest service providers in the Netherlands. Started in the facilities domain, Facilicom has now created a field of activity that extends across various sectors. For a selection procedure of a large contract, several colleagues within Facilicom worked on a tender document. The tender document had to be prepared in English. Some sections were already drafted in English by the Facilicom employees themselves; other sections had to be translated. Facilicom was looking for a partner who could make a knowledgeable contribution. And most importantly: a partner who could switch quickly. That’s why they contacted Fiducia, since this is part of our day-to-day business.

Wanted: The right expertise

Facilicom was looking for a translation agency with not only the right expertise in the English language, but also a translator who could relate to the world of facility services. In addition, we were looking for the necessary flexibility to move with us in a complex tender process with various internal and external deadlines. The texts were delivered partly in English and partly in Dutch, which had to be assembled in one correct English version. This requires a critical eye for consistency across the board and the ability to interpret the intent in the English pieces provided and ask questions about them if necessary.


“The cooperation with Fiducia was smooth and fast. Texts were ping-ponged back and forth, so ambiguities were quickly spotted and resolved. The result is a quotation in professional English that was ready well before the deadline.”

-Ilse Philippa, Bid Manager


Experience with tenders

Fiducia has experience in cooperating on tenders with large parties. When revising the various English sections of Facilicom’s tender document, Fiducia did not only look for grammatical inaccuracies, but also paid attention to style and consistency between the various sections. Ambiguities were also identified. The translations were done by native speakers, which benefited the readability. The end result: A professional tender document in fluent English.

About Facilicom

In over six decades, service provision has become part of the Facilicom DNA. The knowledge and skills, built up in facility services, prove to be highly transferable. It has allowed them to successfully make the move to another industry. Facilicom does not aspire to be new, but sees opportunities to be innovative. They do this with their own labels, with independent companies behind them that share the vision and strength of a hybrid service provider with national coverage.

Dave van den Akker Fiducia

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