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Reanda Netherlands

Reanda Netherlands is a audit, assurance, accountancy en consultancy agency fully focused on international businesses operating in the Netherlands. Reanda Netherlands is affiliated with Reanda International, the number 21 on the list of international accountancy networks based on turnover. Currently, Reanda International is represented by 41 member organisations with 147 offices around the world. English is the official language within Reanda Netherlands. Not only because of the international clients, but also because of the international team. For the full English translation of their Audit Methodology and Quality Manual, Reanda Netherlands sought a partner specialised in accountancy, due to the technical nature of these documents. That is why they contacted Fiducia.

The right expertise

For Reanda Netherlands, it was important to find a translation agency with the right expertise. “Our first experience with translation companies was not positive. After a selection procedure, we chose to work with Astrid Konings of Fiducia because of the quality of the sample translation and Astrid’s track record at PwC and experience as a translator in accountancy. We were looking for someone who knows exactly which terminology from which standards apply in our international audit practice. That is where we see the added value of a specialised translation agency. We also need someone who points out inconsistencies and gives us the choice if there are several possibilities for the translation of a term.”

“With the translation of our Audit Methodology and Quality Manual, Fiducia has not only made a significant contribution to the further development of our international practice, but has also provided all our employees with a common terminology, which has greatly improved our mutual communication.”

–Gerard Uijtendaal, Managing Partner

The right reference books and standards

When drafting and translating documents, such as an audit methodology and a quality manual, the main issue is terminology that is consistent with the many reference books and standards that accountants have to deal with in their profession. It is about recognising terms and knowing where to find the right translation. These include ISQC1 and the NVKS.

Dave van den Akker Fiducia

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