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Translation agency for tax consultants

Financial translations cover various fields, one of which is taxation. Taxation is very diverse. This is not only because of the diverse work of tax consultants (advisory, guidance and executive), but also because it involves different areas of tax law, such as VAT, corporation tax, payroll tax and social insurance. A range of different types of translation may therefore be required: from tax consultancy and letters of objection to tax returns. And from subsidy applications to advance tax rulings.

Specialised translation services

If, for example, you have an objection procedure before the tax authorities for the subsidiary of a parent company established abroad, you can call on Fiducia. This parent company wants to be precisely informed about the correspondence between the tax advisors and the tax authorities. As a financial translation agency, we can translate this correspondence. Or does your cross-border company need translations in the area of transfer pricing? For example, any official documents that are required. Or the tax documents in a data room during a merger or acquisition. A professional translation of these documents is crucial.

Translators with experience in the field

For the translation of such documentation, you will want to use translators with experience in the field of tax. Only through years of work experience in this sector is it possible for a translator to have a good understanding of the complexity of this type of translation. An experienced translator recognises the terminology. He or she knows exactly what the correct translation is of, for example, the terms: VAT reverse charge, payroll tax credit, franchise or advance tax rulings. A financial translator knows that income tax is not the correct translation of inkomstenbelasting, and what PAYE tax stands for. Fiducia’s specialised translators also know that terms specific to the Dutch tax system should not be translated “literally”, but rather descriptively. So that the foreign reader is not confronted with an empty term, but really understands what it is all about. This ensures the quality of the translation.

The right reference works

Our tax translators know the right reference works. They only consult reputable sources (such as IATE, the EU’s terminology database). And they keep up with current events, such as all the financial arrangements surrounding the COVID-19 crisis, including the Dutch NOW and TOZO schemes. And our translators will not hesitate to ask you questions if anything is unclear to them. This prevents possible misinterpretations.

Translations for the field of tax

As a financial translation agency, we are happy to take care of your needs. We do this by working with specialists. But that is not all. We also offer the following:

  • A secured portal, where your documents are safe and you always have a good overview of the translation assignments you have given us;
  • Dedicated project managers who interact with you quickly and professionally;
  • Advanced tools, ensuring consistency, speed and confidentiality.

Do you want to know more about our experience and where we got it? We are happy to explain why we enjoy and are interested in translating fiscal texts. Please feel free to contact us!


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