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About us

For a translator to be able to tackle financial and legal documents, they must have a solid understanding of the subject matter. The founders of Fiducia saw a gap in the market for a specialist translation services provider that focuses exclusively on these realms, working only with translators who know all the ins and outs because they’ve worked in these sectors for years and/or have received the proper training.

In February 2022, Fiducia merged with legal translation agency Hendriks & James. Fiducia counts leading international law firms and the European Court of Justice among its clients. Translations are regularly provided of prominent cases in a variety of areas of law. All translations are worked on by a combination of translators from the source and target languages and proofreaders with the right expertise.

At translation agency Fiducia, we combine our knowledge of the financial and legal field with linguistic skills and state-of-the-art technology. Other features of our service provision are staff continuity, client focus, availability and quick response times.

Dave van den Akker

Dave owns and runs LinQuake, a professional B2B translation services provider. He also focuses on researching, applying and bringing to market new technologies in the translation industry. He brings best practices to the table to benefit Fiducia.

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Pieter Cramer

Pieter started in 2016 as Operations Manager at LinQuake, Fiducia’s sister organisation, a position he really enjoyed partly due to the company’s hard growth. In 2019, he decided to continue as Sales Manager to contribute to this increasing growth. Since its establishment in 2021, he has also been working for Fiducia as Sales Manager.

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Isabel Steenbergen

Isabel has worked as a project manager at Fiducia since its inception. And she does it with pleasure! No day is the same due to the diversity of assignments and clients. This makes the work varied and challenging. Isabel lives in the centre of beautiful ‘s-Hertogenbosch, and enjoys going out there with family and friends.

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Dorine Stevens-Engels

Dorine has always had a passion for the English language. After having obtained a Bachelor’s degree in International Communications from the Maastricht School of Translation and Interpreting and a Master’s degree in English Literature and Culture from the University of Amsterdam, she was a Trainee Translator at De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek.

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Why choose translation agency Fiducia?

You're looking for a translation agency that’s dependable and trustworthy, a specialist with subject matter expertise who uses the right terminology and gets the message across to your target audience. Also, you need to be able to rely on them to observe confidentiality. And then of course your projects tend to be rush jobs; you want your translation partner to be quick to respond and available to accept your project.

At Fiducia, we offer:



Your documents are translated by native-speaking specialist translators who were trained and/or have worked in your industry. Every translation is revised by a native speaker of the source language who checks whether the translator has recognised all linguistic nuances. This guarantees the best results.



We understand why your translation is urgent, we understand the context and we offer input and feedback. You want to keep your promises and we help you keep them. We're available from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. to meet all your translation needs.



Your data and your clients’ data are safe with us. We'll give you access to our secure online portal that allows you to upload your documents and download your translations.

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