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Legal translations

Drafting legal documents requires very specific knowledge. After all, it is no simple task to put a company’s articles of association or a last will and testament to paper. Whenever you need such specialised documents translated, you expect the translator to produce a flawless and convincing text. Considering the importance of legal documents and legal translations, hiring the right legal translation agency is key.

A specialised legal translation agency

Legal translation agency Fiducia can produce accurate and complete translations of all types of company documents for your business, protecting your interests as you enter a new legal system. If you choose legal translation agency Fiducia, you will receive more than just first-rate legal translation services – you will also experience our all-round commitment to providing excellent services. This is reflected in our core values:

  • Quality; we know exactly which legal translator to engage for your legal translations.
  • Integrity; our services and working method are geared to integrity and confidentiality.
  • Effective legal translations, in any language, without compromise.
  • Speed! You want to receive your legal translations yesterday rather than today.

A team of legal translators

Our legal translators provide faithful translations of all types of legal documents, such as commercial contracts, non-disclosure agreements and general terms and conditions. Translating legal documents is their day-to-day business, so you can rest assured that you will receive the quality you require. We only use specialised legal translators for all your legal translations. Most of them have a law degree or many years of experience working in the legal field. They know the correct legal terminology and also know the specific standards and rules that govern the target language. This gives you the guarantee that you will receive a precise and accurate translation of your legal documents.

Translating legal texts

Your legal texts have to be correct and comply with all laws and regulations in both the source language and in the translation. Whether you require a translation of a company’s articles of association, a last will and testament or your general terms and conditions, legal translation agency Fiducia will always find a suitable legal translator. We can also help with translating internal legal documents required to ensure safe and legally protected business operations. Such documents may include employee manuals, patents and employment contracts.

Legal translations to and from any language

Most legal matters require translations into English, or – in our case – from English into Dutch. If, however, you are ever in need of another language pair, e.g., into German, the right legal translator will be standby for that too. In all cases, we work with translators who specialise in the legal sector and know what they are talking about, whether it be Dutch, English, German or Polish.

Sworn legal translations

If you are dealing with official bodies such as a district court, you will often require sworn (or “certified”) translations. Legal translation agency Fiducia offers such sworn legal translations too. These can be translations of Chamber of Commerce extracts, judgments, copyright statements, shareholder agreements and articles of association. Fiducia’s sworn translators are registered in the Dutch official Register of Sworn Interpreters and Translators (Register beëdigde tolken en vertalers) and ensure timely and error-free sworn translations.

Why choose a legal translation agency?

Want to learn more about why you should choose a legal translation agency? One of our specialists has written a blog about when you should opt for a legal translation agency and what to look for when making this choice. A must-read if you often need legal translations.


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